What Does a Heater Tune Up Include?

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November 10, 2016
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November 22, 2016
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If you don’t want to have to call for a heating repair service in the dead of the winter, it is important to maintain your furnace properly. Having an annual service checkup is a good way to stay on top of heating repairs before they leave you cold and uncomfortable. Here are a few items you can expect from a furnace tune up.

-Full inspection

The technician that comes to your home will give your furnace a full visual inspection. They will also check all of the working parts within the unit and into the duct system. Experienced technicians can identify concerns or signs of wear during the review.


Mechanical equipment, like a furnace, needs to remain lubricated in order to prevent friction between the parts that operate together. Any checkup your furnace has should include lubrication.

-Filter Replacement

A comprehensive checkup should also include filter replacement as part of the service. You need to change your filter yourself between professional tuneups, but the technician will put a new one in during those visits as well.


You should receive a written assessment of the tuneup including any professional suggestions for your furnace. This is important information you can use to maintain your furnace and plan for future repairs. You can also outline ways to lower your energy bills with the information you receive.

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