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July 24, 2017
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August 22, 2017
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An air conditioning installation Mattoon IL sounds pretty nice this time of year. It’s getting hot out there and we could all use a bit of a break from the sun. However, AC is about more than just comfortable living. It can actually be a critical factor in the health and safety of your family.

If you or another person in your family falls into any of these categories, they are at higher risk of airborne bacteria, pollens, contaminants, and chemicals. You might not have realized it, but the air quality in your home can have a huge effect on health and happiness.

How does your AC help?

Your AC doesn’t just keep your air cool, even though that alone is extremely important to stay healthy in the summer, it also keeps your air clean. When your AC cools your air, it also filters it.

If you don’t regularly change your filter (once a month is best) then your AC might not be doing its job correctly. Try checking your filter if you haven’t recently and replace it if it’s all clogged up.

Your ducts can also fill with dust and dander and impair your AC’s ability to keep your air clean. After all, it’s done all that work to filter and cool your air, but if your ducts are dusty, then your fresh air will be too. Call Paradise Heating & Air Conditioning if you think your ducts may be in need of attention.

So if you’re still living in stale air, do something about it! An air conditioning installation Mattoon IL is best done now, before the heat really hits. Here are five types of people who will benefit even more than most from a new AC:

Newborn children

It’s no secret that newborns are delicate and need looking after. The first years of life are the most critical to healthy development and a happy life.

We all want the best for our children. That includes the air they breathe. After all, we never stop breathing. The air we breathe directly affects our blood which in turn, affects our brain and body.

Expecting mothers

Just as newborn babies are sensitive to air quality and temperature, so are expecting mothers. After all, they have the incredible task of growing your child within them. They need the best of the best in order to ensure that mom and baby are both happy and healthy.

You don’t want mom to overheat or get dehydrated during pregnancy. Not only can that cause dangerous complications, but it’s also just uncomfortable and draining. There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool home in the summer. Mom will love it, and she’ll be healthier because of it.

The seasonally allergenic

Seasonal allergies are a real drag, especially this time of year. There’s more fuzz floating around this time of year than any other. And it’s a real pain if you’re allergic to it.

A new air conditioning installation Mattoon, IL won’t just cool your air down, it will also help to purify it. With a brand new AC and filter, pollen doesn’t stand a chance.

We also offer extensive indoor air quality services to add extra filtering power to your HVAC if you want it. We can use systems like dehumidifiers and ultraviolet light to further treat your air. That way all the seasonal contaminants that blow through your door are taken care of.

The elderly

We all know how important it is to care for our elderly loved ones. And we all know that they can be stubborn when it comes to things they deem unnecessary. However, as they age, it is no longer necessary to have AC, now it’s downright unhealthy not to.


Some people have hypersensitivities that make them especially vulnerable to chemicals, dust, and contaminants in the air. Installing a new AC will help to purify the problem. For many parents, it can be hard to imagine what a difference this will make for their kids. Then, once services are complete, they are amazed at how different their child acts.

Air can really bring us down, but it doesn’t have to. If we keep our air clean just like we keep our house clean, then we are sure to have a healthy and happy summer.

So call or contact Paradise Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our phone number is (217)234-9361. Schedule an air conditioning installation Mattoon IL and you’ll have the best summer possible. That’s what we’re all about.