How To Stop Air Leaks From Consuming Wasted Energy

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June 24, 2017
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July 24, 2017
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Typical costs for fixing an air leak problem run up to $400. However, your cost can be recouped just from the savings of having no air leaks in your system.

It has been shown that energy losses in cooling ducts in most of the homes can be as high as 25% to 30%. Some even can go up as 50%. This loss can easily be traced to problems in air leaks in the equipment or ductwork. This issue can be found and repaired. By getting your air leaks fixed, you will save a lot of money in your bills.

An air conditioning installation Mattoon, IL can make sure that your AC system is ready for the warm summer days by getting the ducts and air leaks fixed.

Do not Toss Out Money to the Window

It is basic to get your system cleaned and ready for the summer days. You need a cool comfortable home when the sun is shining too much outside of your home. You need to keep the air inside cool when summer heat rolls around.

If there are small cracks and holes throughout your home, you might be losing as much as 25% of cool air and wasting too much money paying the energy bills. Have some time to make sure that your home is properly sealed and insulated. Get an air conditioning installation Mattoon, IL services to check the ducts and airflow of your AC system. There might be leakage that can cause severe damage in the future.

When the warm air gets into your home, your unit has to work harder. This process needs more energy thus making your energy bill skyrocket when there is leakage in your home.

Types of Leak Tests

Technicians keep electronic leak detector or sniffer to check if there are air leaks in your home. Paradise Heating and Air Conditioning can run this tool and detect if there is an issue. Technicians will start a leak test by using this device. This is a very cost effective way used by an air conditioning installation Mattoon, IL in finding a leak.

Although a device can painlessly find leaks but it is quite difficult to position the detector in all places. Accuracy might be a problem.

Another leak detection test adds a greater certainty is slightly more costly. A technician removes any remaining freon. A sound can then be heard as the nitrogen is held at a higher pressure. It is the same concept as when you pump air into your bicycle tire, you can hear the air coming out.

Bubbling System

There is also a bubbling system that most technicians use to find leaks. A technician will mix soap bubbles and run it along components. If there are air bubbles present, there could be air leaks in your HVAC system.

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