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November 22, 2016
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November 22, 2016
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Paradise Heating and Air Conditioning are magicians at their trade. They have created a reputation through hard work and dedication to customer service.

Why Choose Us

Paradise Heating and Air Conditioning are the professionals in every sense of the word. Our service exceeds expectations and our products and craftsmanship are not comparable to any other.

Experience and skilled staff are the key to our wonderful service. Our technicians are not afraid to take control of any situation and take initiative in getting the job done.

Our 24 hours emergency call line is open to all our customers day or night and a consultant is always available to receive your call in a courteous manner and assist you with whatever your emergency may be.

We are in a business providing for our customers and that is what we intend on doing regardless of the situation.

Our Heating Maintenance Services

We are aware of the needs of our customers and guarantee installations that will prove flawless when completed however, your system needs to be regularly maintained in order to keep the parts in tact and running together in perfect harmony. A well-maintained system will prove invaluable in the constant battle to keep running costs down. Inefficiency will result in a system that is energy hungry and will consume more than it’s worth, leaving you with a bill of enormous proportions.

Our heating maintenance service team is available and ready to get your system back  on track. We will evaluate every part of your equipment and ensure that the entire system is in good running order. Heating control units, heat source units, and the associated ducting if  a ductless system is not in place. We are experienced in maintaining any heat source which includes but is not limited to boilers, furnaces and electric heaters.

At Paradise we try to take the hassle out of maintenance and offer maintenance plans at an affordable monthly installment. We will keep track of when you maintenance is due, what needs to be serviced and changed and cleaning the parts. All you have to do is take our call and confirm a suitable time.

Take care of your investment and it will take care of you.

Call Paradise Heating and Air Conditioning and experience customer service at its very best.