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June 25, 2017
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July 25, 2017
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Regular and thorough maintenance is key to ensuring longevity for any equipment.Despite this, homeowners mostly choose to operate until the equipment finally gives out. When Paradise Heating and Air Conditioning covers AC installation Mattoon IL, we help homeowners understand why and how to protect their unit in different weather conditions.

The effects of adverse weather conditions can intensify the degradation of air conditioners, and given below are some of the ways how rainy seasons in Illinois affect your AC unit.

Flooding Of The Unit

During heavy rains, the compressor of the AC can get flooded with excess water. This usually happens from the poor initial positioning of the unit. As a consequence, your unit will start having operational problems.

In worst case scenarios, if the compressor is flooded heavily, the electronic components within the unit might get damaged. The costs for these types of damages are generally on the high end.

In such situations, the first thing to do is to dry out the components as quickly as possible, provided you have the expertise. Otherwise, call in expert HVAC service technician who is experienced in AC installation Mattoon IL to immediately check out and repair your unit.

It isn’t wise to let the problem remain unattended, as most homeowners wait for a considerable time before calling in the experts.

Internal damages, if any, need to be assessed and rectified quickly before the unit further degrades, and you need a professional HVAC service technician for this evaluation.

Damages from Covering

Another way your AC unit develops operational complications is when you cover it. The majority of consumers have the misconception that they should cover their AC units during rainy seasons to prevent water and debris from entering the unit. Though the intention is to protect the unit, such actions create inadvertent negative consequences.

For an air conditioning unit to function properly, it is important that its air circulation is undisrupted. If you cover the unit completely during the rainy season, then there are chances moisture gets trapped within the covering. This is more so when plastic materials are used as a cover.

The buildup of moisture can result in some of the components being corroded and can even cause the formation of mold.

Now, this is an undesirable development that you can easily avoid by taking the necessary precautions. Make sure that you avoid covering the unit completely during the rainy season.

In cases where you feel that covering is essential, use breathable covering materials. Contact your local HVAC technicians for help in picking out the right materials for the job.

Keep the above points in mind before the rains come pouring in. Avoid getting into repairs yourself if you do not have the necessary expertise. Call experienced technicians today who can offer thorough checkups and other maintenance suggestions.

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