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June 16, 2017
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June 25, 2017
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Let’s face it there’s never gonna be a good time for your AC to stop working, but as we’re gearing up for the summer heat and you begin to need your spaces a little cooler, many of you are met with an air system that isn’t working well or worse not at all.

While nobody really wants to pay out for a repair, with the summer call out rates and repair fees rising along with the temperature it’s better to get things sorted by a professional company that’ll continue to support you long-term.

To help you put this into perspective once you’ve received an air conditioning repair in Mattoon, IL from us you’ll be left with a stronger, more efficient unit this means that you can expect to see a reduction in your fuel bills and you should also be able to lower the thermostat and still experience a cool and comfortable environment. See below just how we can help you save when your air conditioner gets a new lease of life from one of our technicians.

It’s All About The Airflow

If you need an air conditioning repair in Mattoon, IL it’s very likely that the basic functions that manage airflow have stopped working properly – usually the filter, fan or compression. The first two affect the level of airflow that enters your home and if they’re ineffective your AC unit is trapping more air in system causing a reduction of up to 30% in terms of efficiency so if you’re finding your home isn’t cool enough despite upping the thermostat – Houston, you have a problem!

When your air conditioner has new parts and has been tuned up by one of our contractors you’ll see an instant performance increase of 6-9% depending on the age of your system. One of our team will ensure that once your system is back up and running that it is optimized correctly to help you save up to 15% on your energy bills without having to upgrade your air conditioner itself – see it really is in your interest to invest a little bit and reap the rewards, rather than let things get so bad that you’ll need a whole new installation, those are costly and there’s no reason why all modern air conditioners can’t work effectively for 10-15 years if you enlist the help of professionals when the early signs of wear and tear arise.

How To Avoid High Repair Fees In The Chicago Area

Here at Paradise, we understand that when you have an issue with your air conditioner and need a repair you want the problem resolved as quickly as possible. That said, more than a few of you must have been met with much larger repair bills than expected in the past? Many small companies and independent traders charge high rates for labor. While this is always going to be a part of your bill, our state is currently ranked as charging 40% more than the national average for labor.

Before you get your air conditioning repair in Mattoon, IL you need to know exactly what you’re paying for upfront, this is why we offer a no obligation to all our customers in need of air conditioning assistance. Once repairs have been completed, we’ll make sure that your new parts are under warranty and we even offer financial solutions to help you spread the cost of a repair.

So that in conjunction with the money you’ll save on your utilities going forward, you’ll actually be better off and more comfortable when you let us take care of your air conditioner. Call today to schedule an appointment on 217-234-9361 .