Heat Pump Service and Repair in Mattoon, IL

Heat Pump Service and Repair in Mattoon, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Heat Pump Service and Repair in Mattoon, ILHeat pumps use a distinct form of refrigeration mechanism to control temperature by heating indoor spaces. They typically employ renewable energy to reduce running costs. Homeowners can select one of two variants: air or ground source heat pump. Air source heat pumps draw air into the building from the outside and redirects it into the internal heating system. This variant is ideal for radiators, underfloor heating, and air convectors. The installation of the systems is carried out in accordance with the building design. | Heat Pump Service and Repair in Mattoon, IL |

Extract Heat

These systems can extract heat regardless of weather conditions. The heat is turned into fluid inside the pump and compressed. This action has the effect of raising the liquid’s temperature before it is pumped into the ductwork. Air source systems also come with sub-variants, including air-to-air and air-to-water models. The later have the capacity to link directly to a wet system. They are well suited for large radiator and underfloor applications.

Types of Heat Pumps

On the other hand, air-to-air variants circulate warm air around the indoor spaces using fans. When it comes to ground source heat pumps, they employ geothermal energy to heat the building. This type of energy is drawn from the earth. Ground source pump installations are laid underground outside the building. They consist of pipes filled with antifreeze and water. Fluid circulation attracts and extracts the heat from the earth before the liquid runs through a compressor to boost the temperature. From this stage, it is transferred to the pump and the building.

Heat Pump Service

Over time, the system requires heat pump service and repair to keep it running smoothly. Doing so provides a number of operational benefits including, lowering maintenance costs, ensuring efficiency. and verifying system integrity. Meanwhile, the key heat pump service and repair checks cover the following aspects: cleaning filters, checking fluid levels, testing safety devices, inspecting sensor calibration, adjusting settings, and assessing running time.

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