Heat Pump Maintenance in Mattoon, IL

Heat Pump Maintenance in Mattoon, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Heat Pump Maintenance in Mattoon, ILA heat pump, as the name suggests, is a system that takes heat from an area and disposes it in another area. To achieve this goal, a refrigerant is used as the heat carrying medium. There are also coils in the system, which act as heat exchangers. These systems can be used for both heating and cooling. During winter, a heat pump can heat indoor spaces by transferring heat from the ground, or outside, and disposes it indoors. During summer, a heat pump will act like a refrigerator by absorbing heat from inside the house and dissipating it outdoors, or into the ground. Effective heat pump maintenance can help to improve the efficiency, performance, and lifespan of the system. You can count on Paradise Heating and Air Conditioning service to properly maintain your heat pump system. | Heat Pump Maintenance in Mattoon, IL |

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Heat Pump Maintenance Service

The most important maintenance procedure for heat pumps is cleaning of the coils. Over time, a coat of dust normally insulates the coils and this will lower the efficiency of the system. Secondly, the air filters in the system must be cleaned, or replaced if they are damaged. If there is any clutter or foliage around the outdoor unit, our technicians will clear the entire area to ensure there are no obstructions that may impede air flow. The supply and return registers must also be cleaned during maintenance. In addition to these maintenance procedures, our team will also check the refrigerant level, electrical connections, thermostat operation, belts, and lubricate motors as well as all other moving parts.

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