Five reasons why you are more productive when you are comfortable

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April 21, 2017
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Five reasons why you are more productive when you are comfortable

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  • You are more focused.

It seems obvious that when you are comfortable it is easier to focus on what you are doing. However, this is more important than it may appear at first. If you spend just ten seconds every minute on distractions, that adds up to be ten minutes out of your hour. That’s one sixth of your time.

When you are comfortable, not only do you spend less time attending to and adjusting distractions but you also work more productively and clearly. You produce better work when your body feels good. It’s hard to think when you are wrapped in a quilt and shivering because the heater is broken.

  • Your body spends less energy on regulating your body temperature.

When you are in a cold or hot environment, your body actually expends quite a bit of energy simply on regulating your body temperature in ways you might not even notice. Changes in blood flow, perspiration, and metabolism all affect our body temperature for the better but also can affect our productivity for the worse.

It may seem like a small detail, but your brain requires huge amounts of energy to do it’s job. Just think about how hard it is to do a school or work assignment right after eating a giant, starchy meal. That’s because your body diverts blood flow and energy away from your brain to help you digest. The same is true when you are too cold or too hot

  • Your metabolism works more efficiently.

When your body is at it’s optimal settings, your metabolism is free to do it’s job more efficiently and provide you with more energy. Our body naturally speeds up and slows down our metabolism based on environmental factors.

This is good in survival situations, but when you are sitting at your desk, you don’t want it to work so fast that you need a snack every thirty minutes. Similarly, you don’t want to metabolize so slow that you run out of energy and feel like your brain is made of rocks.

Paradise Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Your breathing is easier and less congested.

If your home or office is well ventilated and your AC unit is in good shape, your air will be cleaner and more comfortable. This doesn’t just feel nice, it also allows for more oxygen to be absorbed through your lungs and fewer toxins and particulates. Heating and air conditioning in Mattoon, IL can often be overlooked because our climate is more mild than many places. However, a healthy HVAC is important to your body and brain’s health, not just your comfort. Clean air allows for cleaner and faster thoughts.

  • Your brain is more oxygenated.

Have you ever heard stories about the people that climb Mt Everest? As they climb higher and higher, there is less and less oxygen and their brain functions start to slow down along with their bodies. It becomes harder and harder to control their muscles as well as their brains.

The same principles are true at any altitude. Without a steady flow of oxygen your brain doesn’t work as quickly or as clearly. Small changes in your home air quality can result in big changes in your brain’s functions over time.

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