4 Ways To Save Money On Your AC Bills

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July 25, 2017
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September 1, 2017
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Are your energy bills too high? You can save considerably on the bills by following the four methods given below. These processes, if followed, can also help avoid unnecessary repairs on your air conditioning unit. Consult a professional HVAC contractor who does air conditioning repair Mattoon IL, to help you apply the modifications.

Weather Seals

Under usual circumstances, the doors and windows in your home will allow air to freely flow between their edges. As such, warmer air from outside will constantly flow into a room that is being cooled by the AC unit. This will make the air conditioner work continuously, translating into more energy consumption and higher bills.

You can avoid this if you use weather seals on your doors and windows. This will plug out the edges and ensure that outside air does not enter the premises. Before you attach the seals, clean the edges thoroughly to remove dirt. Then ensure that it is completely dry before installing the seals.

Look for a reputed HVAC contractor who offers air conditioning repair Mattoon IL to find out where you should install weather seals in your home.

Certified HVAC Services

Whenever you hire an HVAC contractor to check out your AC, make sure that they are professionally certified by authorities like the Air Conditioning Contractors Of America (ACCA). The certifications are proof that the contractor has the necessary knowledge and undergone training to properly maintain and repair your air conditioner.

Avoid hiring uncertified contractors as they may end up making mistakes during installation or maintenance, for which you will have to spend a lot more in the long run.

Digital Thermostat

If your thermostat is not digital, then it is ideal that you replace it. By using a digital thermostat, you can control cooling of the air conditioner according to your precise, predefined requirements.

For example, when you are asleep, you may not require full cooling in the room. You can program the digital thermostat with this function. As such, the air conditioner will only cool the room when required and will help you significantly save on your energy bills.

Window Film

There are many energy efficient films available in the market that you can attach to the windows. When properly done, the film will cut down on the heat that passes through windows that directly face the sun.

This will ensure that your rooms don’t get too warm. The air conditioner does not need to work as hard to maintain the room’s cool temperature. On the flip side, the film will make your rooms darker.

If you need assistance in executing any of the above, call in a qualified HVAC contractor like Paradise Heating & Air Conditioning who has sufficient experience with air conditioning repair Mattoon IL. To know more about how we can help reduce your energy bills, feel free to call us on 217-234-9361 or send us a message online.